Weekly Update 12/21/18

Meet and Confer:

On December 12, 2018, CCSO met with CDCR’s Office of Labor Relations to discuss the implementation of the 48 hour off post training schedule.  Since the initial notification of this process in September, the Department has provided latitude for each institution to schedule training to meet their operational needs.  Training will consist of one of following methods;  1) four ten hour shifts and one eight hour shift in the same work week; 2) four ten hour shifts in the same work week and one eight hour shift to be a “floater”, scheduled some time during the same calendar year; or 3) five eight hour shifts in the same work week and one eight hour shift to be a “floater”, scheduled sometime in the same calendar year.  Our initial concerns we brought forth were on behalf of the Correctional Counselor II Supervisors, who are Work Week Group E employees and are not eligible for compensation when exceeding a 40 hour work week, as well as the possible involuntary overtime mandates that may arise after a supervisor’s scheduled training.  We are awaiting the outcome of our concerns and will provide additional information once we receive it. 

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Weekly Update 12/10/18


Tips to Prevent Holiday Stress:
When stress is at its peak, it’s hard to stop and regroup. Try the 10-steps below to prevent stress and depression during the season when emotions are at its peak and the holidays have taken on an emotional toll.

1.      Acknowledge your feelings

2.      Reach out

3.      Be realistic

4.      Set aside differences

5.      Stick to a budget

6.      Plan ahead

7.      Learn to say no

8.      Don’t abandon healthy habits

9.      Take a breather

10.    Seek help if needed

11.   Employee Assistance Program (EAP) – https://www.cdcr.ca.gov/Wellness/eap.html

Take control of the holidays:
Don’t let the holidays become something you dread. Instead, take steps to prevent the stress and depression that can descend during the holidays. Learn to recognize your holiday triggers, such as financial pressures or personal demands, so you can combat them before they lead to a meltdown. With a little planning and some positive thinking, you can find peace and joy during the holidays.

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Weekly Update 11/16/18

Contraband Interdiction Program:
Last Wednesday, a tour was conducted at the Substance Abuse Treatment Facility in Corcoran in order to observe the Contraband Interdiction Program (CIP) Pilot Program at the entry points to the secured perimeter.  During our observations, the staff involved in conducting the inspections did so in an effective and efficient manner.  As expected, the process does create a slight delay for staff, but the trade off for deterring the introduction of contraband is well worth it.  During the early stages of this process, it appears the Department is going in the right direction in securing the institutions, and hopefully the hefty price tag associated with the program does not deter from expansion to other facilities.

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