Weekly Update 11/16/18

Contraband Interdiction Program:
Last Wednesday, a tour was conducted at the Substance Abuse Treatment Facility in Corcoran in order to observe the Contraband Interdiction Program (CIP) Pilot Program at the entry points to the secured perimeter.  During our observations, the staff involved in conducting the inspections did so in an effective and efficient manner.  As expected, the process does create a slight delay for staff, but the trade off for deterring the introduction of contraband is well worth it.  During the early stages of this process, it appears the Department is going in the right direction in securing the institutions, and hopefully the hefty price tag associated with the program does not deter from expansion to other facilities.

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Weekly Update 11/9/18

Let Us Help You:
As a reminder to all supervisors, contact CCSO immediately anytime you receive a notice to appear at an investigative interview, receive a direct adverse action, or receive any other action that warrants attorney representation.  The more notice we can provide our attorneys, the better it is for their operational needs. It also assists CCSO’s ability to schedule your needs in an efficient manner.   Continue reading

Weekly Update 11/5/18

Meeting with Secretary (A) Ralph Diaz:

On November 1, 2018, CCSO met with Secretary Diaz to share our thoughts and concerns facing current correctional supervisors.  The permanent appointment of the Secretary is made by the Governor, which presumably will occur once the new Governor is elected and assumes office.  If appointed, CCSO looks forward to working with Mr. Diaz for many years. We believe he is extremely qualified to perform this very demanding position and would be a great affiliate to CCSO in that role. Continue reading

Weekly Update 10/26/18

Meeting with Secretary (A) Ralph Diaz:
On November 1, 2018, CCSO will be meeting with Acting Secretary Diaz to share our thoughts and concerns regarding the supervisors we represent.  This will be our first meeting with Secretary Diaz in his new role.  He has previously spoken at our conference and has assisted CCSO with Office of Labor Relations issues.  We anticipate this will be a productive meeting and hope to continue our positive working relationship in the future. 
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