Weekly Update 10/26/18

Meeting with Secretary (A) Ralph Diaz:
On November 1, 2018, CCSO will be meeting with Acting Secretary Diaz to share our thoughts and concerns regarding the supervisors we represent.  This will be our first meeting with Secretary Diaz in his new role.  He has previously spoken at our conference and has assisted CCSO with Office of Labor Relations issues.  We anticipate this will be a productive meeting and hope to continue our positive working relationship in the future. 
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Weekly Update 10/19/18

Opioid Overdose Program for Inmates:
National trends of increased opioid use correspond with the current trends CDCR has seen regarding discovery and use of opioids within the institutions.  The use and exposure to opioids has created a danger not only to inmates but to correctional staff as well.  The rise in reported opioid overdoses has increased dramatically across the country, prompting state and local law enforcement agencies to initiate Naloxone programs to prevent opioid overdose fatalities.  In an effort to respond to and mitigate potential opioid overdoses, CDCR has decided to expand staff availability of Naloxone. All first watch sergeants shall be trained in the use of Narcan and shall carry a Narcan kit on their person as part of their assigned equipment. 
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Weekly Update 10/12/18

Standardized Staffing CDCR Custody Staff: On Thursday, October 4, 2018, CCSO staff attended a meet and confer regarding the Standardized Staffing of CDCR Custody Staff.  The realignment of institutional custody staff was initiated earlier this year, driven by the Department of Finance due to the reduced prison population. CCSO had many discussions with the Department of Adult Institutions (DAI), and the Chapter Presidents relayed their concerns to their respective hiring authority. The staffing packages have been finalized and are scheduled to be implemented on October 29, 2018.  As with any change, concerns have arisen; however, we Continue reading