Weekly Update 2/9/18

Grievance Corner:
A key component of CCSO’s function is assisting members in the resolution of labor disputes.   Although we don’t discuss all grievances being processed for our members, some issues come up that affect a large number of supervisors.  A current issue that CCSO is undertaking is the latest stance that California Correctional Health Care Services has taken denying uniform replacement costs, more commonly referred to as uniform allowance, for the Supervising Registered Nurses (SRN).  The denial is based on the fact that supervisors are not covered under the Bargaining Unit 17 contract, and therefore are not entitled to the same uniform allowance as the rank and file staff.   While researching the issue we discovered direction by the Department of Personnel Administration, dating back to 1980, providing that supervisors receive the same entitlement relative to uniform replacement costs as the rank and file employees.  We anticipate this evidence will resolve the issue for our SRNs and will update you on the outcome. 
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Weekly Update 2/5/18

Office of Administrative Law Petition:
For over 16 years, CDCR has denied a countless number of correctional sergeants and lieutenants their legal right under the Government Code to obtain a remedy equivalent to BU6 when a violation of the voluntary overtime registration process occurs.  Prior to 2001, correctional sergeants and lieutenants received four hours of overtime if a violation of the voluntary overtime registration process occurred, or the equivalent to BU6.  However, since the inception of an illegal and inequitable memorandum in 2001, CDCR’s remedy is to simply provide the wronged correctional supervisor with the next available overtime position.  CCSO estimates that CDCR violates the voluntary overtime process on a weekly basis. Continue reading

Weekly Update 1/26/18

Pelican Bay State Prison: (PBSP):
On January 25, 2018, CCSO representatives responded to PBSP regarding concerns about leave usage for members.  PBSP representatives expressed concerns and requested assistance over the continuous denial of time off for supervisory members.  The team sat down with Warden Robertson and presented their ideas that will assist the Correctional Lieutenants/Sergeants the ability to utilize more of their leave credits.  The warden was receptive and expressed his concern regarding the current process and indicated his desire to allow staff to utilize more of their earned leave credits.   Overall, CCSO was satisfied with the meeting as it appears the common goal is reducing correctional fatigue and the supervisor’s wellness. Warden Robertson requested CCSO memorialize the proposed plan, which will be completed as soon as practical, so that this needed relief can be implemented in a timely fashion.
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Weekly Update 1/19/18

State Board Meeting:
On Thursday, the State Board members met for the first time under new State President Art Gonzales. The President shared his vision and expectations with the board. He reminded everyone to conduct themselves in a professional manner to ensure productiveness for our organization.  The meeting went well; every member participated, and a lot of great ideas were shared. The board members in attendance were receptive to the new ideas and eager to start the year with a bright future ahead.  Matt McVay was approved as the new State Treasurer and will commence his duties. 
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