Key Notes 4/6/18: Periodic Newsletter Vol. 1

Mike’s Perspective:
As with all things with the Department, change is inevitable when dealing with inmates and over the past 20+ years there has been no shortage of change.  Case in point; the Administration Segregation Units (ASU) are under the microscope once again.  What is the purpose of the ASU?  Well the  short “book” answer is, “when an inmate’s presence in an institution’s General Population (GP) presents an immediate threat to the safety of the inmate or others, endangers institutional security of jeopardizes the integrity of an investigation or alleged serious misconduct, criminal activity or the, or the safety of any person, the inmate shall be immediately removed from the GP and placed in administrative segregation…”. Continue reading

Weekly Update 4/6/18

Assembly Bill 2669 Peace Officers Communication:
On April 3, 2018, CCSO Representative Ford Canutt and Retired Special Service Unit Agent Mike Brody provided testimony for the bill presented by Assemblymember Jones-Sawyer. The bill regards Penal Code 633 and would add peace officers employed by the Office of Correctional Safety (OCS) and the Office of Internal Affairs (OIA) of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR), to the list of law enforcement officers currently authorized to, acting in the scope of his or her authority, overhear or record any communication they could lawfully hear prior to the enactment of unauthorized eavesdropping provisions.  Penal Code 633 currently does not include OIA or OCS with the aforementioned abilities.  The bill passed and is moving to the next stage.
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Weekly Update 3/30/18

DSH-Metropolitan Meeting:
On Monday, President Art Gonzales and other CCSO representatives attended a meeting at DSH-Metropolitan.  Several CCSO members attended the meeting and voiced concerns about various issues they currently have.  The CCSO representatives requested detailed information from the members and will look into the aforementioned issues. The DSH-Metropolitan Public Information Officer gave a brief tour of the outer perimeter, but unfortunately CCSO representatives were not allowed to enter the facility. CCSO will contact the DSH-Metropolitan administration and request entrance to the facility sometime in the next few weeks in order to speak with members and observe their working conditions. Continue reading

Weekly Update 3/23/18

In the past, many long-time members may remember, CCSO produced a quarterly newsletter entitled “Keynotes”.  The letter’s purpose was to bring forward concerns, positive and negative in nature, regarding the Department’s practices and or policies that may affect supervisory staff.  CCSO is in the process of returning to this form of media, so stay tuned as these articles of interest begin to emerge in the very near future.
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