Weekly Update 3/11/19

CCSO Annual Conference:

CCSO’s Annual Conference will take place May 2-4, 2019 at the Renaissance Indian Wells Resort. Each chapter president is invited to attend along with one designee.  The conference opens on Thursday evening with a welcome reception. The reception provides a great opportunity to meet and mingle with other members.

A registration form must be completed by both the chapter president and their designee. Registration forms will be sent out in the coming weeks in a separate email. The deadline to submit your registration is April 15, 2019.

There is a high demand to attend this year’s conference, and as such we have a waiting list. CCSO is doing everything we can to accommodate all who wish to attend.

Award Nominations:

CCSO is seeking nominations for several awards that will be presented at the annual conference. We are requesting nominations for Chapter President of the Year, Warden of the Year, and CCSO Member of the Year. The awards recognize those individuals who best represent the CCSO organization. Nomination forms are attached and must be submitted by April 15, 2019.  Please take the time to nominate your peers!    

CCSO 2019 Scholarship: 

Check your mailbox for the CCSO newsletter in the coming weeks. It contains the announcement for the CCSO 2019 Scholarship. The CCSO Scholarship fund is for high school students who will be graduating this year and plan on attending college. Each year we award students $500 to $1000 for their academic achievements. For your convenience the CCSO 2019 Scholarship packet has been included.

The CCSO scholarship information can also be obtained by going to the CCSO website at https://www.ccsonet.org/about/scholarships/. April 30, 2019 is the deadline to submit the CCSO Scholarship applications. 

CLEA 2019 Scholarship: 

All CLEA plan participants will be mailed information on the California Public Safety Administrators, Inc. Children’s Scholarship Program. California Public Safety Administrators, Inc. provides four children of CLEA participants with scholarships each year. The CLEA scholarship information and eligibility can be found by going to the CLEA website at https://www.clea.org/scholarship/. April 1, 2019 is the deadline to submit the CLEA Scholarship applications. For your convenience the CLEA 2019 Scholarship packet has been included.  

Supervisor Time Bank Campaign:

CCSO is asking that our members help with providing supervisor time bank release for our executive officers as well as our local chapter presidents. Last year we had a great incentive package that offered great value for your time. Attached you will see the breakdown for the various hours that can be donated. This offer is open from March 5, 2019 to May 5, 2019. 

California Law Enforcement Association (CLEA) Paycheck Protection Disability Plan:
Why own CCSO’s Paycheck Protection Disability Plan for less than $1.00 per day?

Your ability to earn an income is your most valuable financial asset as it allows you to purchase all basic needs such as your home, food, car and all other personal monthly necessities.

For over 24 years, CCSO members have relied on the California Law Enforcement Association (CLEA) Paycheck Protection Disability Plan. CLEA has paid nearly $4 Million in benefits to CCSO members and families. Additionally, CLEA protects over 21,000 officers statewide and has paid out over $113 million in benefits to its participants and families since 1985.  For over 34 years, CLEA has been the #1 provider of disability protection based on its financial strength, actuarial soundness and exemplary service.

Regardless of your age or time on the job, all CCSO members should own our Paycheck Protection Disability Plan for less than $1.00 per day, the Plan for sworn members covers up to $10,000 per month of benefits, provides lifetime benefits, and includes a $65,000 death benefit.*  You can’t rely on the state to provide you an income if you become disabled and it is determined that you can no longer work in your job. Your sick leave program, workers’ compensation coverage, your retirement plan and your deferred compensation plan are not enough so having CCSO’s low cost, comprehensive Paycheck Protection Disability Plan fills the gap now and into the future while you are actively working.

Don’t leave home without CCSO’s Paycheck Protection Disability Plan coverage…

Enroll now with the convenience of CCSO’s payroll deduction for custody @ $28.00 and non-custody @ $27.00 per month. Call CCSO at 800-449-2940 or go to: www.ccsonet.org

*Paycheck Protection Disability Plan is also available to non-peace officer members. Please contact CCSO for information on benefits and cost.         

Please click this link 3.11.19 WU Attachments to review info

What To Do When You Receive a Notice or NOAA: Call CCSO Immediately

Contact CCSO at 800-449-2940 immediately anytime you receive a notice to appear for an investigative interview, receive a direct adverse action, or receive any other action that warrants attorney representation.  The more notice we can provide our attorneys, the better it is for their operational needs. A timely notice assists CCSO’s ability to schedule your legal needs in an efficient manner.

Steps To Your Defense:

1) Don’t wait, call the CCSO office at 800-449-2940 the day you receive a direct adverse action, or a notice to be interviewed or receive any other action that warrants attorney representation.

2) Directly after talking to the CCSO representative, you will fax a copy of the notice for interview or the Adverse Action to 209-838-6759 or email the information to ccso@ccsonet.org.

3) Do not discuss your case with anyone but the CCSO  office representative or your assigned CCSO attorney.

Supervisors Representing Supervisors