Weekly Update 2/18/19

SRN II Seminar:

CCSO hosted its inaugural Supervising Registered Nurse II seminar this past weekend in Sacramento. Seventy representatives from chapters throughout the state attended. The weekend was filled with guest speakers discussing the most important topics and current issues facing our supervisors in the area of Health Care. There was also an open forum for those representatives to share and discuss any concerns affecting them and their fellow members.  The seminar was a success and we hope to make it an annual occurrence.

CCSO Legal Representation:

CCSO prides ourselves on providing our members the best legal defense.  Below is a recent example of a situation involving a CCSO member and the great legal defense provided, which resulted in a positive resolution for the member.  CCSO strives to protect our members, especially during tumultuous times in their lives.

The following case regards an appeal from dismissal:

CDCR terminated a supervisor and the supervisor applied for unemployment benefits. CDCR opposed the benefits and the Unemployment Appeals Board (UAB) agreed and denied them.  At the time of his dismissal, the supervisor was the sole income earner in his household, thus the loss of employment was economically devastating to the supervisor and his family.  The denial of unemployment benefits exacerbated the financial and emotional loss felt by the dismissal.

The attorney filed an appeal to the UAB and recently tried the matter before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ).  The ALJ reversed the UAB’s denial of supervisor’s unemployment benefits and awarded him benefits from the date of his termination.  The ALJ agreed that the supervisor was entitled to benefits because the acts or omissions were not “misconduct” under Labor Code section 1256.

The supervisor called CCSO to express his gratitude for CCSO’s representation.  He expects to receive approximately $37,500.00 in unemployment benefits from the date of his dismissal.  The money will assist with paying bills while he awaits the State Personnel Board decision on the dismissal.

CCSO Attorney Review:

Attorney J.R. Oviedo recently received the below positive review from one of our members.

“JR Oviedo is an excellent attorney. His law group has represented me in an aggressive manner. I don’t know what I would have done without their representation. Every time I reach out to the group they were quick to respond. JR has represented me on this case for about a year and he treats me like I am his only client. I know that he has my best interest in mind.”

J.R. shared the review with us and stated “We share this review because we understand that when representing a CCSO member, for that member, we are CCSO.  As such, we work hard to ensure CCSO members believe that they are receiving the best possible legal defense.  In short, a good review for us is a good review for CCSO.” CCSO would like to thank J.R. Oviedo and the Oviedo Law Group for their excellent legal representation for our members.  

Correctional Legal Services (CLS):

Beginning February 1, CCSO started taking applications for our associate membership program CLS. This great benefit is offered to all CDCR, DSH, and PIA employees. The monthly dues are $67 and will provide a strong legal defense when employees are faced with adverse action. CCSO has an outstanding reputation for providing the best legal defense for its members and will now share that benefit with CLS members.

Please click the link http://www.ccsonet.org/wp-content/uploads/sites/26/2019/02/CLS-memberapp.pdf  to view the CLS membership application. If you know anyone interested in CLS, please have them fill out the application and send it in. For any questions regarding CLS, please email cls@ccsonet.org.

What To Do When You Receive a Notice or NOAA: Call CCSO Immediately

Contact CCSO at 800-449-2940 immediately anytime you receive a notice to appear for an investigative interview, receive a direct adverse action, or receive any other action that warrants attorney representation.  The more notice we can provide our attorneys, the better it is for their operational needs. A timely notice assists CCSO’s ability to schedule your legal needs in an efficient manner.

Steps To Your Defense:

1) Don’t wait, call the CCSO office at 800-449-2940 the day you receive a direct adverse action, or a notice to be interviewed or receive any other action that warrants attorney representation.

2) Directly after talking to the CCSO representative, you will fax a copy of the notice for interview or the Adverse Action to 209-838-6759 or email the information to ccso@ccsonet.org.

3) Do not discuss your case with anyone but the CCSO office representative or your assigned CCSO attorney.                                                       Supervisors Representing Supervisors