Weekly Update 12/21/18

Meet and Confer:

On December 12, 2018, CCSO met with CDCR’s Office of Labor Relations to discuss the implementation of the 48 hour off post training schedule.  Since the initial notification of this process in September, the Department has provided latitude for each institution to schedule training to meet their operational needs.  Training will consist of one of following methods;  1) four ten hour shifts and one eight hour shift in the same work week; 2) four ten hour shifts in the same work week and one eight hour shift to be a “floater”, scheduled some time during the same calendar year; or 3) five eight hour shifts in the same work week and one eight hour shift to be a “floater”, scheduled sometime in the same calendar year.  Our initial concerns we brought forth were on behalf of the Correctional Counselor II Supervisors, who are Work Week Group E employees and are not eligible for compensation when exceeding a 40 hour work week, as well as the possible involuntary overtime mandates that may arise after a supervisor’s scheduled training.  We are awaiting the outcome of our concerns and will provide additional information once we receive it. 

Correctional Legal Services/Associate Members:

Earlier this year, CCSO explored the possibility of creating an associate membership.  Named Correctional Legal Services (CLS), the associate membership is for any civil service, non-excluded, non-exempt, and non-confidential employee of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, the Prison Industry Authority, or the Department of State Hospitals.  CLS membership will provide legal services for those employees who elect to join. At the December 14th State Board meeting, the Board voted 6-1-1 to establish CLS and amend the bylaws to include the associate membership program.  The monthly dues for associate members will be $67, the same as current CCSO membership, and will entitle members to legal defense services identical to what is currently provided for our supervisors.  We plan to roll out CLS sometime early next year.  CCSO is known for providing the best legal defense for our members. We plan to continue that reputation with the newly established associate membership and they too can benefit from strong legal representation when faced with any disciplinary action.

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What To Do When You Receive a Notice or NOAA: Call CCSO Immediately

Contact CCSO at 800-449-2940 immediately anytime you receive a notice to appear for an investigative interview, receive a direct adverse action, or receive any other action that warrants attorney representation.  The more notice we can provide our attorneys, the better it is for their operational needs. A timely notice assists CCSO’s ability to schedule your legal needs in an efficient manner. 

Steps To Your Defense:

1) Don’t wait, call the CCSO office at 800-449-2940 the day you receive a direct adverse action, or a notice to be interviewed or receive any other action that warrants attorney representation.

2) Directly after talking to the CCSO representative, you will fax a copy of the notice for interview or the Adverse Action to 209-838-6759 or email the information to ccso@ccsonet.org.

3) Do not discuss your case with anyone but the CCSO office representative or your assigned CCSO attorney.

From all of us here at CCSO!