Weekly Update 10/19/18

Opioid Overdose Program for Inmates:
National trends of increased opioid use correspond with the current trends CDCR has seen regarding discovery and use of opioids within the institutions.  The use and exposure to opioids has created a danger not only to inmates but to correctional staff as well.  The rise in reported opioid overdoses has increased dramatically across the country, prompting state and local law enforcement agencies to initiate Naloxone programs to prevent opioid overdose fatalities.  In an effort to respond to and mitigate potential opioid overdoses, CDCR has decided to expand staff availability of Naloxone. All first watch sergeants shall be trained in the use of Narcan and shall carry a Narcan kit on their person as part of their assigned equipment. 

On October 17, 2018, CCSO met with CDCR Office of Labor Relations to discuss this program.  Some of our concerns raised were the training and potential liabilities for our members.  Although only first watch sergeants will carry a Narcan kit, formal training will be provided to all Correctional Sergeants to ensure those placed on first watch through a shift swap or overtime are properly trained. Remedial training will continue every two years during CPR training.  The liability risks associated with the use of naloxone are very low.  California Civil Code §1714.22(f) allows non-licensed individuals to administer an opioid antagonist if they are properly trained, act with reasonable care, in good faith and not for compensation.  Since the preservation of life is the true driver of this policy, CCSO advocated to have the kits placed in each housing unit with the “cut down kits”, and train all custody staff so that they can administer the Narcan in the shortest time possible if necessary.  If requested, all CCSO Chapter Presidents, regardless of rank, may attend the initial training.  As a reminder, overdose response activity is no different from any other good faith effort to provide assistance in an emergency.  

2018 WWICJJ Conference:
From October 14 through October 17, 2018 CCSO representatives Nicole Rollins-Player, Administrative Services Supervisor(on the left), and Mary Towe, Finance Officer(on the right), attended the Women Working In Corrections and Juvenile Justice (WWICJJ) 2018 National Conference in Sacramento.

CCSO was honored to be a sponsor of the event. As the conference was open to all women who work in the corrections and juvenile justice profession in any discipline, including peace officers, health care providers, administrators and executives. The conference featured keynote speakers, breakout sessions, exhibits and opportunities for networking. The theme of WWICJJ centered on the power to “Transcend.”

CCSO was pleased to be part of this opportunity to support and uplift women working in the correctional field. As a sponsor, our investment assisted in providing the successful training to empower women and strengthen their skills needed to be an effective leader in the esteemed field of corrections.

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