Weekly Update 10/12/18

Standardized Staffing CDCR Custody Staff: On Thursday, October 4, 2018, CCSO staff attended a meet and confer regarding the Standardized Staffing of CDCR Custody Staff.  The realignment of institutional custody staff was initiated earlier this year, driven by the Department of Finance due to the reduced prison population. CCSO had many discussions with the Department of Adult Institutions (DAI), and the Chapter Presidents relayed their concerns to their respective hiring authority. The staffing packages have been finalized and are scheduled to be implemented on October 29, 2018.  As with any change, concerns have arisen; however, we won’t know all of the impacts and effects of the changes until they are implemented.  The reductions affecting supervisors were most notably the Administrative Segregation Unit Lieutenant and Yard Sergeant positions.  One positive change is that Staff Complaint and Disciplinary Lieutenants are being placed at numerous institutions where a high number of staff complaints and Rules Violation Reports are generated.  Statewide there will be reduction of 14 Correctional Counselor II Specialist positions, which will be converted to Correctional Lieutenant positions to perform the afforementioned duties.  Hopefully that will alleviate the facility supervisors’ workload and allow them to operate their facilities more effectively.  CCSO will continue to monitor the effects of these reductions and the impact to supervisors.

Leave Buy Back: In accordance with the California Department of Human Resources HR Manual, Section 2104 Leave Buy-Back, all Bargaining Unit (BU) 6 affiliated excluded employees are eligible for a one-time cash out of up to 80 hours of compensable leave, not to include sick leave.

This request must be received by your local Personnel Office by October 31, 2018.  Each Chapter President has been provided with the necessary documents needed to complete this request and can provide you with the request form.  Additionally, the form will be mailed to each eligible member.

CCSO State President Retires: CCSO State President Art Gonzales Jr. retired from CDCR effective September 21, 2018.  He dedicated 27 years of service to the department and served in numerous roles, both on the juvenile and adult side, during his tenure.  Most notably, he served as the project manager while CDCR underwent accreditation from the American Correctional Association (ACA).  Art was instrumental in assisting all 35 adult institutions achieve accreditation.  Prior to his role with ACA, Art served in various roles within Division of Adult Institutions (DAI) headquarters.  Preceding his position with DAI, Art worked for the Division of Juvenile Justice at many of their respective facilities.  CCSO congratulates President Gonzales on an esteemed CDCR career and looks forward to having him full-time in the CCSO office.  

Grants for Innovative Programs: The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) will be awarding a fifth round of grants meant to enhance innovative programs in California state prisons.

“Rehabilitative programs have proven to help decrease recidivism and increase the safety of our prisons and the public,” CDCR Acting Secretary Ralph Diaz said. “We aim to continue to develop these innovative programs in order to provide offenders with skills and tools necessary to successfully return home.”

The Innovative Grant Program is intended for rehabilitative programs that have demonstrated success and focus on offender responsibility and restorative justice principles.

In previous years, funds were awarded only to organizations already providing programs in CDCR institutions. Eligibility is now open to nonprofits that provide programs in any adult correctional institution setting. This includes state and federal prisons and county jails. In addition, programs previously funded through the IGP can now reapply for funds to continue to cultivate rehabilitative efforts within institutions.

IGP began in 2015, when CDCR awarded $2.5 million in one-year grants to expand existing programs to new institutions. Now in its fifth cycle, CDCR will award a total of $12 million in grants over the course of three years. The funding comes directly from the Inmate Welfare Fund, a trust where all proceeds from institutional canteen and hobby shop sales are deposited and spent for the benefit of inmates, including on education and welfare.

Every grantee is required to do a pre- and post-program assessment using operational measures that will be determined by the CDCR Division of Rehabilitative Programs, based on the program’s intent and scope. Measures may include incident reduction, attendance, participant progress and increased interest in participation.

The due date for applications is 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, November 29, 2018.

For more information about IGP, please visit https://www.cdcr.ca.gov/rehabilitation/grants.html

Contact Information:  To ensure members receive all pertinent information that CCSO provides, we request that you send any updates or changes to your mailing address and/or telephone number that have occurred since you became a member.   If you would like to confirm that we have the correct contact information, please contact the office.  Thank you all for your continued support of our organization.

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