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Weekly Update 7/25/14

Walk Time Notice of Phase I Decision:
Members who are class members in the Shaw and Kuhn cases have been mailed, this week, from the State Controller’s Office a notice on the three lawsuits seeking pay for pre and post shift time spent going to and from assigned posts, picking up and dropping off tools etc. in the prisons (walking time cases). The notice cites the favorable decision for the State on the Phase I trial of the walk-time cases. The Phase I court trial addressed three (3) legal questions: 1) Does the federal FLSA standard or the state standard determine the compensability of the disputed pre and post shift time at issue? 2) Does the California minimum wage requirements apply to state employees? 3) Are State employees legally prohibited from stating claims for breach of contract regarding overtime pay for hours worked beyond their regular work schedules? Continue reading

Weekly Update 7/11/14

Pay Letter for Non Peace Officers:
Chapter Presidents were given by this office, the most recent Pay Letter 14-08 that reflects a general salary increase for the majority of state workers that are not peace officers. The general increase is a 2% effective July 1, 2014.

The office has taken calls from members who are in unit 6 regarding their pay increase.   The State will be giving a 4% pay increase effective January 1, 2015 to peace officers tied to unit 6. Continue reading

Weekly Update 2/14/14

FEBRUARY 14, 2014

Vice Principal Wins Case:
Attorney Horvath won the case of a CCSO member, who is a Vice-Principal, in which there was a civil harassment restraining order filed against him by a subordinate teacher based on an incident wherein she alleged that while serving her an LOI, the Vice Principal, assaulted her by grabbing her purse and knocking her to the ground. Continue reading

Weekly Update 2/7/14


FEBRUARY 7, 2014

CCSO Meets & Confers to Give S06 30 Minutes of Involuntary Overtime to Count as One Over Time Shift:
On Wednesday, February 5th CCSO met and conferred with CDCR and CalHR Labor to request that S06 employees be afforded the same as what has been given to R06 regarding what constitutes an overtime shift. Currently, S06 must work 2 hours overtime in order to constitute one involuntary overtime shift credit; whereas, the R06 contract has changed to afford officers 30 minutes in order to constitute one involuntary overtime shift credit. Continue reading