2015 Chapter President of the Year!
This year the State Board of Directors voted and presented the CCSO Chapter President of the Year award to (A) Associate Warden Michael Stout at the 2015 April Conference. When Michael Stout ran, and was elected to the CCSO Chapter President position, he was a Captain. A move many supervisors would not undertake.

He recently stepped back from his elected position as the CCSO Chapter President and appointed an Acting Chapter President to fill in for him while he took on new duties as an Acting Associate Warden at RJD. Apparently, it didn’t hurt his career path being a CCSO Chapter President.

As a Chapter President, he was diligent in addressing supervisory grievances, working conditions, and workplace changes. He consulted on a regular basis with the CCSO office on issues concerning his Chapter. He fought on behalf of supervisory matters that did not affect him as a Captain. However, he fought because it was the right action to take.

When this Captain made a decision to be the best Captain he could be representing both management and looking out for the welfare of members, CCSO recognized his courage, integrity, and the risk he took to his career to stand up and play fair.

Some say you cannot be a Chapter President and a Captain; nevertheless, this Captain set the bar high and showed all of us that you certainly can be a Captain and an active Chapter President.



Congratulations, to the CCSO Chapter President of the Year, Acting Associate Warden of RJD Michael Stout.