2016 CCSO Chapter President of the Year – Lt. Samuel Robinson
At the CCSO Annual Conference, held at the Hyatt April 16, 2016, in San Diego, the CCSO State President Richard Tatum, on behalf of the State Board of Directors and CCSO Staff, presented the San Quentin CCSO Chapter President Lt. Samuel Robinson as the 2016 Chapter President of the year.

The State Board of Directors made their decision based on Lt. Robinson’s commitment to the welfare of the CCSO members at San Quentin. He has taken on numerous issues that have resulted in long-standing changes both at San Quentin and statewide.

Lt. Robinson reports directly to the Warden as the Prison Institution Officer; yet, he has proven he can separate himself from management and look out for members of his Chapter. He keeps a positive attitude, proposes changes in an informed manner that keep communication open, and allows management to see his point of view.
2016 Chapter President                                  Congratulations, Lt. Samuel Robinson on a job well done!