img-accomplishmentsCCSO Accomplishments

CCSO is always working hard for our members. The following are some of the major initiatives we have attained:


  • By initiating a lawsuit, CCSO secured the 3.125% pay raise for S06 and M06 employees.
  • Through CCSO’s efforts CDCR Managers received a 5.1% pay raise retroactive to July 1, 2005.
  • CCSO battled the Governor, Legislators, and CALHR to give supervisors and managers tied to unit 6 the 3.0% at 50 years retirement formula.
  • CCSO won a permanent injunction against CDCR, which prohibits an interrogation of a correctional supervisor if the representative of his or her choice is unavailable.
  • Watch Preference by Seniority — In 1994 CCSO gained watch preference by seniority for CDCR Lieutenants.
  • Longevity Pay — CCSO was instrumental in obtaining Longevity Pay for Peace Officer Supervisors.
  • As a result of constant CCSO monitoring, CDCR is hiring all vacant positions at each institution.
  • CCSO’s vigorous vigilance has made CALHR adhere to Government Code 19849.18, the Parity Law.
  • Thanks to CCSO, wardens abide by the meet and confer rules, and are meeting with CCSO Chapter Presidents.
  • CCSO has established a CDCR Time Release Bank for Executive and Chapter Representatives of CCSO to attend administrative and organizational meetings.
  • CCSO was directly responsible for CDCR notifying employees who are suspended without pay to receive information regarding their options for ensuring uninterrupted benefit coverage.
  • CCSO works with the Receivers Office to obtain enhanced pay and working conditions for medical supervisors and managers.
  • CCSO obtained Shift Seniority for SRN II’s.
  • CCSO established a functional grievance process for excluded employees.
  • CCSO is lobbying for excluded employees to receive the respect and recognition — so long deserved.
  • CALHR is reviewing Supervisory and Managerial non-peace officer’s salaries and benefits as a result of CCSO lobbying.
  • We have and are fighting in the courts for non-peace officer supervisors.
  • We propose legislation to enhance wages and benefits for non-peace officers through parity.
  • CCSO lobbied and succeeded in changing DOM to enhance Limited Term Assignments and Seniority.
  • CCSO lobbied and succeeded in changing language in the new Seniority Assignment Policy that enhanced the bid process for supervisors.
  • CCSO filed in court for education pay for S06 Fire Chiefs, which resulted in a settlement giving S06 Fire Chiefs education pay if eligible.
  • CCSO lobbied aggressively and won to bring the R/R $800 Pay differential to Patton, Napa, and Metro.
  • CCSO fought and won to bring the Special Salary Adjustment to S07 in DSH effective 07/01/2015.